The bus rides. The hotels. The food — peanut butter and jelly, “if you don’t like it, play better,” as the saying goes. We are infamous, every major leaguer has been through it, but what isn’t chronicled is our optimism and work ethic. It’s a struggle, it’s a grind, but the pessimism surrounding the minor leagues is what makes it feel like a dungeon.

The best part of being a professional baseball player is getting to do what I love. But, I can’t speak for everyone, for each player’s goals may be completely different than my own.

Here’s my story, what I know, what I feel: my Minor League Baseball journey.

You get lost, that’s for sure, if you’re not a first round pick with a card deal and tons of hype. You’re forgotten, i’ve been there.

What’s The Worth Of a 17 Year Old?

I was drafted in the 7th round out of a Connecticut high school — Amity High School. I was 17 and I had an agent. He asked me to put a number on my worth, on my value. How was I supposed to know the answer to that as a 17-year-old kid?

To my parents I was worth 10 million dollars, but that’s unrealistic for 99%. I remember sitting in my room playing Xbox — I can’t remember the game, but that’s probably because the controller cracked the glass of my TV, which blinded that part of my memory.

We were on the phone for 30 minutes — my “advisor” and I (You cant call them “agents” or else you jeopardize your NCAA eligibility). He asked repetitive questions, “Would you sign for $300,000?” he asked.

“Um, I don’t know, I would, I mean that’s a lot of money.” I answer with confusion

“Well, you have to tell me a number so I can tell the teams.” Now he’s getting impatient with me.

“You are the agent, aren’t you supposed to tell me?”

Now, I am getting aggravated.

“But, I work for you.”

“Yeah, but this is my first experience how am I supposed to know?

“Jason, tell me what to tell them!”

He’s getting angry with me, I couldn’t believe it. This guy is getting frustrated with a 17 year old kid, because I could not put a number on my life and my baseball talent. I hung up the phone, infuriated. That’s when the Xbox controller went through the TV.

“What’s wrong, Jay” My parents came in utterly confused.”

“Mom, this guy wants me to put a number on my life, I don’t know, I don’t even want to be drafted anymore, I just want to go to college.”

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